Screening Compounds, Compound Libraries,
Building Blocks, Rare Chemicals

- for Screening, Lead Development and Research

Our list of compound products comprises complex heterocyclic compound classes expressing the today's demands of the pharmaceutical research.

The products are mainly obtained by syntheses. Some of the natural and pseudo-natural compounds are obtained by extraction and derivatization. We are also performing and developing complete new synthetical routes.

All compounds are provided with HPLC-MS / H-NMR analytics as standard feature. On request Q-NMR is available. Certificates of Analysis will be provided for the special products, for the products of custom syntheses, and on request. For our analytics portfolio see HPLC-MS, NMR , Analytics and CoA.

Please make also use of our custom synthesis service: Custom Synthesis

Main Compound Classes

Most of our compound libraries and building blocks comprise the following classes:

  • Benzo-diazolethiones
  • Benzothiophenes
  • Diketopiperazines
  • 3,5-Dimethyl-1H-pyrazoles
  • 3,5-Dimethyl-isoxazoles
  • Hydroxy-2-oxo-2,5-dihydrofuranes
  • Indolyl-piperazines
  • Phenyl-oxadiazoles
  • Phenyl-pyrazoles
  • Tetrahydro-pyridoindoles
  • Tryptolines


  • Dipyrromethanes
  • Tetrahydrofuran-2,4-diones
  • Porphyrines

Coenzyme A Derivatives:
  • Acetyl-Coenzyme A
  • Caffeoyl-Coenzyme A
  • Feruloyl-Coenzyme A
  • p-Coumaryl-Coenzyme A
  • p-Dihydrocoumaroyl-Coenzyme A
  • Sinapyl-Coenzyme A
  • similar ones are in development

Gentamicin Components and Impurities:
  • Garamine (CAS 49751-51-1)
  • Ring C
  • Gentamicin B (CAS 36889-15-3)
  • Gentamicin C1 (CAS 25876-10-2)
  • Gentamicin C1a (CAS 26098-04-4)
  • Gentamicin C2 (CAS 25876-11-3)
  • Gentamicin C2a (CAS 59751-72-3)
  • Gentamicin C2b (CAS 52093-21-7)
  • Gentamin C1
  • Gentamin C2
  • Sisomicin (CAS 32385-11-8)

Individual Items:
  • p-Coumaryl Alcohol
  • p-Coumaryl Aldehyde
  • Ethyl Coumarate
  • Caffeoyl Alcohol
  • Caffeoyl Aldehyde
  • Ethyl Caffeate
  • Sinapyl Alcohol
  • Sinapyl Aldehyde
  • Ethyl Sinapate
  • Moniliformin, and derivatives
Peptides (non-regular):
  • Glyco-Peptides
  • Glycosylimin-peptides
  • Saccharid derivatives
  • Antigen derivatives

Catalog, Updates  & Compound Subsets

  • Please ask for our catalog and for the updates as print versions or as SD files  
  • Please ask also for excerpts of the catalog comprising desired subsets of compounds