Preparative HPLC-MS / Preparative Chiral Separation

We offer the isolation, purification and work-up of single components from raw samples, or from complex mixtures. This service is usually possible for components with proportions min. 1%.

If you have no method information, we will choose or develop adequate methods for the purification. On request we will provide you with a detailed protocol of our methods for your own usage.

We also develop preparative HPLC-MS methods for compounds with unusual behaviour for your own usage. After finding and optimizing the appropriate method parameter for your samples, also the transfer to your lab equipment is supported.
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The final purification can be carried out up to ultrapure quality ( ≥99% ) by flash chromatography purification and HPLC-MS separation followed by crystallization and re-crystallization, the warranty for high purity compounds.

The crystallization of compounds is a special expertise of our chemical lab experts, and is applied as our favourite technique for final purification. High purity qualities ( ≥99% up to 99.8% ) are achieved as presumed for the production of reference material (analytical standards).